Monday, November 12, 2012

butter and blush

I created this birthday crown adorned by golden butter and blush butterflies for a little girls third birthday. Hand dyed felts, golden thread, a little wool to pad out the butterflies and one of my favourite Heather Ross fabrics. I do love it. I must give credit to this lovely lady, as my inspiration came from these beautiful crowns (made by Zuzu & Me).

My creative time has become very limited since Milly arrived in this world (understandable). Which makes the few times I do sit down to create, all that much more enjoyable.  My biggest problem is wanting to make so much, that when I sit down, I don't know which project to you have that problem?  I also find that you need time to get match fabrics, to sort through different shades of felt, to trace and cut pattens........and to just generally get into a creative mindset.

My list for Christmas crafting usually is rather long, however this year I am keeping it simple. I am making Abbie an oliver + s dress ice-cream dress, as she has almost well and truly outgrown this one I made a while back. I am working on an advent calendar (using matchboxes based on this idea here) and have almost finished a little sleeping dolly for Milly. Once this list is done, and all the other Christmas preparations finished I may craft a little more, we'll see.

What are you making for Christmas? Oh and tell me, how do you prioritise your craft/ sewing/ knitting projects?

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  1. butter and blush - such a perfect way to sum up a lovely colour combination. It is so pretty, Im sure it will be treasured. x

  2. Skye is so lucky! She is looking forward to wearing it next week. It really is so beautiful. And it will definitely be treasured :)

    I have the same problem...too many ideas and not enough time. I had a long list of things to make before christmas but I've had a big reality check this past month or so. I will be happy to finish our advent calender! Fingers crossed I make it in time...


  3. Wow!! That is really beautiful I love the colors! I may have to try my hand at making a crown like this one for my little ones birthday in February. I have made the knit ones that you felt in the washing machine but they always feel a little thick and heavy to me.

  4. What a lovely gift! Yes, finding the time to craft is a tricky one with wee little people. I've found if I devote a night to cutting, pattern tracing, fabric selection etc. and then I have a few projects all ready to go when the time is right. Hope you have a lovely day.
    Steph :) x
    P.S. We made your orange jelly cubes yesterday and they are a big hit. Thanks so much for sharing! x

  5. Lovely! A dear friend gave Saskia a little crocheted crown to wear for her birthday and it looked so sweet. It was one of my favourite presents. That little three year old is lucky to get such a beautifully made gift.

    Yes, I hear you! It's hard to work out how to prioritise creative projects. I know for me, it's an ebb and flow thing - sometimes I just find it in me to busy away while the little one sleeps (usually cutting fabric, preparing for projects, making lists of things to buy/collect) and then sew at night...but sometimes it's a struggle or other projects take priority. I find it helps if I say to myself, well, I'll just try and match the fabric today, and then whatever else I get to is a bonus. Mind you, all my projects are always simple and super dooper easy!

  6. That crown is beautiful.

    I have so much trouble deciding what to create, that sometimes, when the moment arises I simply give up. Other times I don't get past the setting up stage – or I start and realise I'm missing a vital element. It can be frustrating when time is limited, but makes the few bits and pieces that I achieve so much better.

  7. What a lovely crown! It has already ignited the spark of creation in my brain (another thing to add to an ever increasing list of crafts).

    I have trouble prioritising and always find myself hopelessly over-committed, especially when it comes to knitting :)

  8. Oh Natalie what a beautiful crown - those colours are divine. I have two crowns on my to do list - one for my niece for Christmas and the other for my little ones 1st birthday - this idea will certainly feature in one of them!
    I also love that fabric and have some squirrelled away - only to be used for a special project
    Other than the crowns my list consists of a felt seahorse for my son and a wooden tree house for one of my daughters, onion and thyme relish for friends and a fishing set for my nephew and something?? for the baby.

  9. Had to comment on this post as well. Adorable crown! I end up playing with my girls all day and what I'm thinking about is creating/sewing/felting. I constantly have to pull myself back into the present moment.
    As far as Christmas, I am making dolls for (hopefully) both girls, with doll clothing. My husband requested a quilt, but I don't know if I'll find the time. :(

  10. Oh this crown.....I do hope you take orders! ;) x

  11. hi folks - and thank you for sharing a link to my page Natalie :)
    just noticing all the comments about the colour combo. thought your followers might like to know that my online shop has hand dyed crown kits with exactly these colour combinations - based on the crown Natalie linked to in the comments to the side of the photos. that might be of help if you're wanting to create a similar look. there are also lots of other colours, to suit both boys and girls with applique designs and basic instructions included. happy crafting, zuzu&me


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