Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas crafting: golden angels

I have been day dreaming of making one of my lovely friend S's celebration rings since I saw the post. I finally got around to making one as a special gift for our playgroup leader. With angels in mind and some lovely hand dyed lemony wool felt, I began, using this tutorial. I then saw this. Another wonderful creation which provided me with more inspiration. 

I am almost finished my Christmas creating for my girls......the oliver + s ice cream dress is all that is left to finish (all pieces cut out and pockets sewn).

Have you anything left to do before Santa comes? 


  1. Natalie you are so clever this is a beautiful gift you've made I bet the playgroup leader loved receiving such a gift made with time and much thoughtfulness. I have only made a few gifts this year, just for my brother's little ones. I still have some cushion covers to make to go with a little A frame tent I made and then some Christmas cooking. Have a wonderful day celebrating this special time with your family, Merry Christmas. xx

  2. so beautiful, i absolutely love it. hand made gifts are the best. i have a few things left to finish, some hand knitted face washers and sugar body scrubs to go into pamper packs for my big girls and a few felt animals for jess. what i don't get done i am not too worried about. i always give myself more to do than time allows.
    i have so much enjoyed your blog this year natalie and wish you and your family a beautiful and peaceful christmas. x

  3. That is beautiful! I saw this somewhere recently, I can't remember where, but I think I bookmarked it. Your playgroud leader will love it, I'm sure!

    I just finished some last-minute felt Christmas tree decorations, in the shape of a tree, and let Everly decorate them with mini pom poms. I just need to create labels for some handmade beeswax candles I made, and I'm done! Wooh!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Natalie! It's been a real pleasure to have found your blog this year. x

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous. so dreamy and sweet :)


  5. Oh WOW! this is so much more beautiful than the little rainbow fellows! you are soo clever xx


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